Municipal Bureau Of Commerce: Planning Online Guidance In Advance To Help Enterprises Prepare For The Online Canton Fair

- May 25, 2020-

The 127th Canton Fair will be held online for the first time from June 15-24, and the exhibition period is 10 days. The reporter learned that in order to better cope with the new form of Canton Fair, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce achieved the first online Canton Fair success. The Bureau, based on the new changes, new features, and new requirements of the exhibition, through careful research in advance, actively planned to actively strengthen business with the province The communication and contact of the hall and the provincial trading delegation, the establishment of the Canton Fair planning working group, field research, organization of business seminars, formation of WeChat working groups, online "one-to-one" guidance and other methods to help exhibitors.


The relevant person in charge of the bureau introduced that by grasping the key word of the online Canton Fair-"cloud marketing", it will focus on organizing multiple rounds of online live training for exhibitors to enhance the ability of exhibitors to "cloud display" and "cloud marketing".

It is understood that the bureau recently organized 32 Canton Fair exhibitors across the city to participate in online live "cloud training", focusing on in-depth training on the online conference and exhibition platform function introduction, account management and exhibit information upload, enterprise live room and other key functions of the platform for in-depth training To guide 113 online exhibition halls of 32 companies participating in this online Canton Fair, create unique exhibition halls and live broadcast rooms for different categories of exhibits such as stone, stainless steel kitchen utensils, aluminum materials, and clothing to enhance the corporate brand image.

The person in charge said that next, the preparations for the online Canton Fair will be further carried out, in strict accordance with the requirements of the 127th Canton Fair Work Plan of the Yunfu Branch of the Guangdong Trading Delegation, in guiding companies to upload exhibits, organize exhibition training, and create characteristics The exhibition hall and live broadcast room, publicity and promotion, and response to the impact of the epidemic will continue to promote the competitiveness of online exhibitions.