Malaysia 370000 Nickel Plated Terminal Pins Order Has Been Shipped Out

- Aug 13, 2020-

On 2020-08-13, we sent out the 370000pcs Nickel plated terminal pins that we made for one of our Malaysia customer. The terminal pins are mainly used for the water heating elements that used for the water heater, All the terminal pins made by Jaye industry are processed by CNC machining center, CNC core laminating machine, CNC lathe, CNC instrument lathe, automatic lathe to ensure the processing accuracy, high quality standard and clean smooth surface of the terminal pins.


The Below is the Packing information for the therminal pins:

Name & DescriptionQuantity(pcs)CTNSG.W(kg)N.G(kg)Dimension (cm)Vol.(m3)
TERMINAL PIN  S-TP-MSNP2326017T 2.32*1.7*60MM UP3800046867.223cm*16cm*18cm0.03 
TERMINAL PIN  S-TP-MSNP2326017T 2.32*1.7*60MM DOWN3800046968.223cm*16cm*18cm0.03 
TERMINAL PIN  S-TP-MSNP2326017T 2.32*1.7*70MM UP50000510510423cm*16cm*18cm0.03 
TERMINAL PIN  S-TP-MSNP2326017T 2.32*1.7*70MM DOWN50000510610523cm*16cm*18cm0.03 
TERMINAL PIN  S-TP-MSNP2326017T 2.32*1.7*80MM UP770008186184.423cm*16cm*18cm0.05 
TERMINAL PIN  S-TP-MSNP2326017T 2.32*1.7*80MM DOWN770008190188.423cm*16cm*18cm0.05 
TERMINAL PIN  S-TP-MSNP2326017T 2.32*1.7*90MM UP2000025554.623cm*16cm*18cm0.01 
TERMINAL PIN  S-TP-MSNP2326017T 2.32*1.7*90MM DOWN2000025655.623cm*16cm*18cm0.01 
Wooden box

Now this custoer has placed 3 pending orders, and the next order is estimated to be shipped out in 20 days.