Made In China Was Selected As The Cross-border E-commerce Zone Of The 127th Canton Fair

- May 15, 2020-

China Securities News (Reporter Dong Tian) On May 15, a reporter from China Securities News learned from Focus Technology (002315, Clinic) that the company's China Manufacturing Network was selected as the 127th Canton Fair Cross-Border E-commerce Zone.

It is understood that the 127th Canton Fair will be held online in mid to late June. At that time, the Canton Fair will be held in the cross-border e-commerce zone with the theme of "Synchronous Canton Fair, Global Share Business Opportunities! Canton Fair, Global Share!" This is the first time it has been held online since the establishment of the Canton Fair. It is an alternative solution from an extraordinary period. It reflects the objective needs of the market and reflects the important supporting role of technological development for innovation.

The Canton Fair will invite domestic and foreign merchants to display products online. For companies outside the scope of the exhibition, a number of cross-border e-commerce platforms will be selected, and a special cross-border e-commerce area will be set up. After selection and evaluation by the organizer, it will eventually include Made in China Six platforms including the Internet were selected. As an integrated platform for full-link foreign trade services, has always used the latest information technology to tap global business opportunities for Chinese suppliers and overseas buyers, and provides one-stop foreign trade services for both parties to reach international trade.

It is understood that the China Manufacturing Network will combine the advantages of its own platforms, such as machinery manufacturing, consumer electronics, building materials, transportation and auto parts, daily consumption, health care, etc., with the online Canton Fair to set up 9 major industry pavilions and regional pavilions. And synchronized to the "SMART EXPO cloud exhibition" channel of Made in China, not only to move the offline content expression form online, but more importantly, through new technologies, online virtual exhibitions, real-time negotiations, real-time promotion, real-time transactions Become an immersive interactive experience, complete with complete operations and services, will fully integrate the exhibition industry and the B2B platform, and then "one industry leads to 100 industries", so that the digital exhibition will drive the digital development of exhibitors from all walks of life, let Chinese and foreign Businessmen do business without leaving home. will be online on the PC station, touch-screen station, Made-in-China supplier app, and Made-in-China buyer app at the same time on the Canton Fair synchronization event cloud page, and will open an inter-chain entry with the online Canton Fair main page for multi-end integration promotion Provide high-intensity flow support to exhibitors to help Chinese suppliers obtain more purchase orders and win new growth points in foreign trade.

The company stated that the holding of the online Canton Fair and the establishment of the cross-border e-commerce zone are a close combination of offline commercial and trade forms and the digital economy, which reflects the determination and courage of Chinese enterprises to fight against the epidemic and stabilize foreign trade. The digitalization process of the convention and exhibition industry. will be supported by the platform and work together with the Canton Fair to help domestic companies cross the border and overcome difficulties.

It is understood that since 2016, Made in China took the lead in launching the "SMART EXPO cloud exhibition" service, which has held more than 300 events so far. This selection of the online Canton Fair synchronization event will help the exhibition industry to expand new digital growth space and use digital methods to promote global Trade, help foreign trade enterprises affected by the epidemic to raise orders and expand markets.