Kuwait Customer 100pcs 300*300MM Square Hot Plates Have Been Dispatched

- Jun 22, 2020-

On 2020-6-22, we have delivered the 100pcs Square hotplate to the DHL forwarder agent of customer. There are two voltages of the hotplate in this order: Solid Cast Iron Square Hotplate 300mm*300mm 440V 4000W 50PCS; Solid Cast Iron Square Hotplate 300mm*300mm 220V 4000W 50pcs. They are packing in 100CTNS single cartons, and then we delivered with two pallets with wooden protect.

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This Square Solid Hot plate mainly used in marine cooking, but also can be used in the kitchen cooking in hotel, hospital, school and industrial and mining enterprises, etc as industrial and commercial Heating appliance. the size of 300*300MM as the standard size, and the voltage and watt can be customized based on requirements.