Invite Merchants To The Largest Extent To Participate In Online Canton Fair

- Apr 21, 2020-

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Zhang Luyao reported: On the 17th, the 15th 107th Guangzhou Municipal Government Standing Committee reviewed and approved "Guangzhou's Measures to Promote the Stable Growth of Foreign Trade", promulgating 23 measures to ensure the smooth operation of the foreign trade industrial chain and supply chain and promote foreign trade Steady growth. "23 Articles" mainly starts with the promotion of the accelerated development of new foreign trade formats and the development of diversified international markets.

It is reported that Guangzhou will promote the accelerated development of new foreign trade formats, focusing on accelerating the development of market procurement trade, cultivating a group of key professional wholesale markets for market procurement and entering foreign markets to promote the implementation of market procurement comprehensive foreign trade service enterprises. Comprehensively enhance the level of cross-border e-commerce trade, study and form a system and policy framework suitable for the development of Guangzhou's cross-border e-commerce.

In the development of a diversified international market, Guangzhou will introduce key overseas exhibition catalogues and implement the overseas exhibition subsidy policy. Promote the orderly export of anti-epidemic materials and consumer goods, enhance the influence and radiation of the Canton Fair, and invite merchants to participate in the 127th Canton Fair held online.

Guangzhou will also proactively expand imports, create an innovation platform for import trade promotion, promote the declaration of the national import trade promotion innovation demonstration zone in Nansha District, and support aircraft leasing and parallel imports of automobiles. Give play to the driving effects of key enterprises and projects, stabilize the basic market of processing trade, speed up the expansion of key foreign investment projects, encourage all districts to adopt the "transfer of design schemes" method for the transfer of land use rights to qualified foreign investment projects, and promote the start of construction To speed up the project construction progress.

In addition, Guangzhou will further enhance the level of foreign trade in financial and taxation services and reduce the operating risks of foreign trade enterprises. Expand export credit insurance to cover more small and medium-sized enterprises, and increase the proportion of premium subsidies. To further optimize export tax rebate services, foreign trade enterprises can declare tax rebates multiple times a month. Reduce the financing threshold and cost of enterprises, and establish a risk compensation mechanism for inclusive loans.

In terms of promoting cross-border trade facilitation, Guangzhou will improve customs clearance efficiency and reduce customs clearance costs. Increase the application rate of "single window" in international trade, open the time limit for port operation and service operations, and publicize the port customs clearance process. In addition, Guangzhou will establish a special foreign trade coordination mechanism, strengthen service companies and implement supervision. The municipal government regularly analyzes, studies, judges and dispatches the situation of foreign trade in the city to solve practical difficulties and problems in the operation of foreign trade.