Introduction Of Flange Electric Heater

- Sep 16, 2019-

The flange electric heater is welded on the flange by a plurality of heating tubes to concentrate heating. It is mainly used for heating in open and closed solution tanks and circulation systems. It has the following advantages: The surface power is large, which makes the air heat the surface load 2-4 times.

Large flange heating tube

Flanged stainless steel heating tube is highly dense and compact. Because the whole is short and dense, it has good stability and no bracket is required for installation.

Most of the combined type adopts argon arc welding to connect the electric heating pipe to the flange, and can also use the form of a fastening device, that is, each electric heating pipe is welded by a fastener. Then lock the flange cover with a nut. The pipe and the fastener are welded by argon arc, and never leak. Fastener seal adopts scientific technology. Single replacement is extremely convenient, greatly saving future maintenance costs.

Select imported and domestic quality materials. Scientific production technology and strict quality management ensure superior electrical performance of electric heating pipes.

Overview and working principle: Flange type stainless steel heating tube (also called plug-in electric heater): It is a U-shaped tubular electric heating element, which is assembled on the flange cover according to the design specifications of different heating media and according to the power configuration requirements. In the material, a large amount of heat emitted by the heating element is transmitted to the heated medium to increase the temperature of the medium, which meets the required process requirements. When the medium temperature reaches the set value required by the process, the control system adjusts the output power of the electric heater after PID calculation according to the temperature sensor signal, and achieves temperature control of the resistive load of the heating element. Make the temperature of the medium uniform to meet the required requirements; when the heating element is over-temperature or low liquid level, the interlocking protection device of the heating element immediately cuts off the heating power to prevent the heating element from burning out and prolongs the service life.

Application: Flange stainless steel heaters are mainly used for heat preservation and heating of materials in storage tanks, containers and fuel tanks in petroleum, chemical, food, machinery and other industries. The connection method can adopt flange type or thread end face seal.