Introduction Of 2020 Shanghai Electric Heating Technology Exhibition

- Jul 15, 2020-

Exhibition Introduction

     With the rapid development of society, the electric heating industry has always played a pivotal role in the industrial field, household and commercial fields. Electric heating as the main method of energy consumption. Electric heating as the main method of energy consumption. Heavy, low-carbon, environmental protection, energy-saving and high-efficiency" has become a global consensus and action today. Gathering the advantages of the global electric heating industry and establishing an international innovation platform integrating product display, trade cooperation, and technical exchange will be the development and breakthrough of the electric heating industry. One of the effective ways. Yin Chen Shanghai Electric Heating Exhibition is planned and hosted by Yin Chen Convention and Exhibition Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. The largest and most influential industry event in the electric heating industry. The operation team of Shanghai Electric Exhibition is composed of a A group of elites who have been engaged in exhibitions for many years and a group of people and experts engaged in electric heating exhibitions and conferences, electric heating import and export trade, electric heating technology research and development and training, Shanghai Electric Heating Exhibition will be through exhibition display, electric heating summit, electric heating training courses, procurement Many events such as matchmaking, networking dinners, etc. enrich the content of the exhibition and build an all-round three-dimensional trade procurement exchange platform for exhibitors and traders. Shanghai, as China

     The country's economic, financial, and trade center has developed electronic and electrical appliances, machinery manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, metallurgy, and other industries. It has the largest and most complete variety of production and advanced production technology in the country's largest heating and cooling and home appliance manufacturing base, which will give the electric heating industry Present an infinite and vast consumer market.

     The 8th Shanghai International Electric Heating Technology and Equipment Exhibition 2020 will be held on November 25-27, 2020 in Shanghai Guangda Convention and Exhibition Center, in order to promote the sustainable development of the electric heating industry. Make full use of professional exhibitions, trade shows "Second Exhibition "Integration", exhibition, order meeting, seminar "three meetings in one", producers, distributors, supporting suppliers, service providers "four business together" model, with market-oriented, technical professionalism, practical results , A model exhibition of the national electric heating industry with excellent user groups and event characteristics, creating good opportunities for domestic and foreign companies to explore the international and domestic markets and promote technical exchanges!

Shang hai heater

Organizer: Electric Heating Technology and Equipment Exhibition-Organizing Committee

Exhibition address: Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center

Meeting time: 2020-11-25 to 2020-11-27

Contact: You Manager

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     2020 eighth shanghai international electric heating technology&equipment exhibition

     Time: November 25-27, 2020 Venue: Shanghai Guangda Convention and Exhibition Center

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