How To Open The Canton Fair Online? How Can The Supply And Purchase Parties Participate?

- Jun 10, 2020-

On June 10, the Ministry of Commerce held an online special press conference for the 127th Canton Fair to introduce the relevant situation of the Canton Fair and answer questions from reporters.

At the meeting, a reporter suggested that there are some restrictions on the online Canton Fair compared to the offline physical exhibition. What considerations does the Canton Fair have in solving these problems? What preparatory work has been done?

Li Jinqi pointed out that the 127th Canton Fair has taken a series of measures to promote display, negotiation and trading on the basis of the characteristics of online hosting based on the wisdom of the Canton Fair.

Li Jinqi emphasized that the Canton Fair requires and encourages exhibitors to upload texts, pictures, videos and other forms of exhibit materials. As far as possible, the key information of online exhibits is complete, and the display effect is three-dimensional, rich and dynamic.

Secondly, the Canton Fair creates cross-regional, strong interaction, and all-weather live broadcast rooms to help exhibitors create real-world marketing interaction effects and engage in offline interactive communication with visitors or specially invited buyers.

In addition, the Canton Fair provides background information on the integrity of both parties to the transaction to reduce the credit risk of the transaction; it provides various forms of communication tools such as instant online communication and video conference appointments to promote smooth communication between the parties. At the same time, in order to respect and ensure the privacy of B2B trade, both parties to the transaction can also choose third-party tools to conduct in-depth negotiations and establish orders and other follow-up processes.

Li Jinqi mentioned that the Canton Fair makes full use of the Internet's digitized precise positioning features to improve the efficiency of supply and purchase docking. The product supply information released by the exhibitors can be intelligently matched to the buyer group with high demand matching through the big data intelligent matching of the supply and demand panel, facilitating the intent order to be reached, helping the exhibitor to efficiently connect the buyers, and reducing the occurrence of demand mismatches. Of invalid communication.

The Canton Fair simplifies the online registration process for domestic buyers and expands the coverage of the buyer group. Li Jinqi said that the current holding of the Canton Fair will moderately reduce the registration standards for domestic buyers, stimulate the participation of domestic procurement groups and individual visitors, and further expand the coverage of the buyer group and the scale of professional buyers.

Li Jinqi also pointed out that this year, affected by the epidemic, the world's trade environment is more severe and complex. As the world's largest trade event, the Canton Fair has more important significance for both buyers and sellers. Many overseas buyers believe that the quality of Canton Fair participation is high and that the exhibition is well-equipped. The online hosting of this Canton Fair will help stabilize the global supply chain and the procurement channels of buyers.

Li Jinqi also mentioned that at present, all the application systems of the Canton Fair online platform have been completed and tested, and will be officially launched on June 15.