Guide To Live Broadcasting Of The 127th Canton Fair Online Exhibition

- May 25, 2020-

The guide reminds that live broadcast marketing does not mean live broadcast delivery. The main audience is B (enterprise) customers. Unlike ordinary live broadcast delivery, it is mainly for end consumers. The key is to establish a trust relationship with the buyer. Exhibitors are advised to make full use of the advantage of the live broadcast room backing up to the Canton Fair brand, and create a unique live broadcast room for the characteristics of B (enterprise) clients, especially those in the foreign trade industry. Such as highlighting the trustworthy enterprise strength, high-quality product quality and good service, etc., in order to win and maintain the trust of buyers, and better enhance the participation effect.

To achieve the desired effect, the whole process before, during and after the live broadcast should not be taken lightly. The guidelines suggest that from the aspects of product understanding, trade understanding, language understanding, etc., all kinds of human resources such as anchors, assistants, translators, business and technical support needed for live broadcasting should be planned in advance to form a dedicated live broadcasting team. If there is a time lag problem in the target customer group, multiple live broadcast groups can be prepared to broadcast live in shifts.


Live broadcast venues are one of the important factors that attract customers to stay and pay attention, and should be conducive to the display of corporate image and product characteristics. For example, the product showroom carefully built by the enterprise, the production workshop with good environment, and the product use scene with beautiful layout. Appropriate changes in the venue environment during the live broadcast will help reduce the audience's boring feeling and attract the audience's attention. It is also recommended to familiarize yourself with the live broadcast interface in advance and conduct live rehearsal before the official live broadcast begins.

After the live broadcast will automatically generate a playback video

In addition to the official website of the Canton Fair, exhibitors can also make full use of the company's official website, public account, media soft articles, social media platforms at home and abroad, and tools such as email, fax, phone, and SMS to conduct comprehensive channels of live broadcast activities and channels in advance to the goal The customer sends an invitation to watch the live broadcast. If you are watching a live broadcast with an invitation code, you must send the invitation code to the customer in advance.

Can't communicate face to face, the expression skills in the live broadcast are particularly important. Cases can be used to tell the story of the company and the product, cleverly convey corporate values and brand tonality, impress the audience, help accumulate reputation and win trust. In the interactive communication between live broadcasts, it can be emphasized that the communication between the audience and the anchor is one-to-one private. In-depth negotiation opportunities.

After the live broadcast, the system will automatically generate a playback video. Exhibitors can start playback on the cloud exhibition hall management platform, and broadcast it through the company's official website, public account, social media and other channels to increase exposure and attention. Log in to the cloud exhibition hall management platform to view the data related to the live broadcast, and combine it with the relevant records in the live broadcast process to do a follow-up operation transformation.