Guangzhou Customs Eight Measures Support Canton Fair Online

- May 25, 2020-

Guangzhou Daily News (all media reporter Lin Lin and correspondent Guan Yue) The 127th Canton Fair will be held from June 15th to 24th, and is the first "online" Canton Fair in history. Guangzhou Customs quickly formulated the policy "Combined Boxing", launched eight service measures, and fully supported the holding of a "Special Period, Special Significance, Special Initiatives, and Special Brilliance" Online Canton Fair.

Multiple measures to increase orders

"Online Matching" Success Rate

Deng Qiang, the deputy customs chief of the Guangzhou Convention and Exhibition Center affiliated to Guangzhou Customs, introduced that the “eight measures” include a number of new initiatives “customized” by the customs. Innovative services such as online consultation and opening of a live broadcast room, through optimizing professional technical services, support pragmatic measures such as accumulating new kinetic energy for cross-border e-commerce development, provide "customized" services for foreign trade companies, and increase the success rate of "online matching" of orders.

Compared with the resident supervision service mode of physical exhibitions, Guangzhou Customs supports the service measures held on the Canton Fair online more distinctively, for example, the consultation form is more optimized. Continuing the form of the Customs setting up a service information desk during the Canton Fair, setting up an online information desk "Canton Fair Customs Window" external to the Canton Fair official website, inline "Guangzhou Customs 12360" external service hotline platform, Weibo, customs portal and other channels, "all-weather Provide online consulting services for enterprises on customs supervision, import and export duties and other taxes and fees collection, entry and exit inspection and quarantine; create a customs live broadcast room on the official website of the Canton Fair. Enterprises conduct policy announcements; set up hot issue inquiry sections, and update policy trends and precautions on a rolling basis.

Secondly, the supervision of exhibits is more innovative. Guangzhou Customs endows the Canton Fair with new connotations of exhibits and broadens the concept of time and space for the supervision of exhibits. Samples produced by Canton Fair exhibitors and buyers for negotiation of transactions, including those that enter and exit after the end of the Canton Fair, are treated as exhibits of the Canton Fair. Provide preferential policies such as tax exemption and exemption for entry and exit of exhibits.

In addition, Guangzhou Customs has improved its content sector, accumulating new momentum for the development of cross-border e-commerce, docking the “Synchronous Canton Fair, Global Business Opportunity” activity in the Canton Fair ’s cross-border e-commerce zone, and using the Canton Fair ’s cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test zone theme Location-matching companies provide cross-border e-commerce policy interpretation support; provide point-to-point, one-to-one customized assistance to cross-border e-commerce platforms participating in the Canton Fair.

"Customs support services are not limited to time and space. Exhibitors will get more massive and practical policies, regulations and technical information, and exhibits customs clearance services will be more in place. It is a real timely rain." Deputy Director of the Canton Fair Business Office, China Foreign Trade Center (Group) Xiao Rong, general manager of the work department of the Canton Fair said.

In addition, the Customs of Guangzhou Convention and Exhibition Center has set up a “green channel” for about 42,000 imported exhibits that have been in transit before the announcement of the relevant announcement held on the Canton Fair online, and tailored the supervision measures. Reduce customs clearance time for exhibits; strengthen non-contact means such as online inspections to strengthen venue management and exempt tax deposits.