Germany Customer Trial Order For Fiberglass Silicone Heating Pad Ready To Ship

- Apr 20, 2020-

The Germany customer is a wholesale for electric heaters. The silicone heating pad size is 50W 12V 170*40mm, 120W 12V 150*150mm with temperature control. As the wattage is high for normal silicone rubber material, so we commend the customer us fiberglass silicone material. 

Fiberglass material can resist the high temperature of about 230 degrees and with less smell. This is popularly used for 3D printer hotbed, experiment equipment, solar heating equipment, automobile  battery heating, medical equipment, mobile communication equipment,, etc

Thank you very much for our clients' support and we believe you will be satisfied with our silicone heating pad, as we have not yet received any complaint from all our clients who have purchased our silicone heating pad, including customers from Europe, Americans, South Africa, Japan, etc.