Full Advanced Payment For 3200 Pieces Electric Cartridge Heaters Order From Indonesian Customer Has Been Received

- Aug 19, 2020-

On 2020-08-19, We received the 100% full advanced payment for the 3200pcs cartridge heaters from our Indonesian customer. This is the fourth order froom this customer. since we cooperated with each other in August of 2019, we not only are working on the cartridge heaters, but also on many different size of straight tubular heating elements. this order is only for the cartridge heaters, there are totally eoght sizes as below:


CARTRIDGE HEATER Dia 12 X 125 mm 220V 350W 500PCS
CARTRIDGE HEATER  Dia 12 X 150 mm 220V 500W400PCS
CARTRIDGE HEATER Dia 12 X 300 mm 380V 1000W500PCS
CARTRIDGE HEATER Dia 12,7 X 300 mm 220V 1000W500PCS
CARTRIDGE HEATER Dia 14 X 42 mm  400V 150W200PCS
CARTRIDGE HEATER Dia 14 X 65 mm  400V 250W300PCS
CARTRIDGE HEATER Dia 14 X 150 mm 220V 700W600PCS
CARTRIDGE HEATER Dia 15 X 150 mm 220V 700W200PCS

For this order, the lead wire type is crimped-type, but they will connect the wires by themself. we also can make the swaged-in high density and high temperatures cartridge heaters based on customer's requirements. the most polular is used on the mold heating and 3D printers. Welcome to Contact Jaye industry at info@jaye-heater.com if you have any needs.