Enquiry Of Under Floor Heating Elements From The Netherlands

- Apr 02, 2021-

Today, we got one enquiry from the Netherlands  they need our finned heater to be used on the underfloor heating system. we will dicuss this project and give them the best solution ASAP. The below is the E-mail we received:

coil-finned-heater-for-bank-load (1)

"For my project I would like to order heaters from you

In quantity of 100 pieces for the first tests.

Nothing new I didn't come up with I just want to do

underfloor heating. For small residences up to 40-50 m2

1.Underfloor heating is of closed type.

    40 l of water under pressure from one and a half to two bars.

     Operating temperature 45 degrees Flowing water.

     Critical heating up to 65 degrees of Flowing water.

2.  Primary source of energy 220-240 Volt variable.

     Secondary 12 volts of direct current. The amperage under ???

     Thermal gauges on zones. With mechanical valves.

     The simplest thermostat on and off and no more electronics. 

For ease of use, as underfloor heating cannot be switched on and off, if they turn it on, usually in September, and turn it off in March-April.

 I pursue the buyer's purchasing power, stability, compactness, quietness and reliability! 

Must be all easy! As in the photos you will see in the app

No high temperatures only maintenance.

Since these prototypes and I'm buying parts for the system at the stores, I've already spent $150. Of course, I would like to reduce the cost to the end customer I understand that if the experiment succeeds then the next order I will order you just 50-100 pieces. Another conversation!  Back to the system. I would like to hear from the manufacturer with the technical data and the best heater efficiency.

Since I am assembling this system from handy materials, I think that the system will work on my experiments as long as I am satisfied with everything and the opinion of the manufacturer's expert will be very important to me, maybe it makes no sense to use a rib heater, just a straight line with a more or less coefficient of heat transfer, or it makes sense, for example, to order 5 pieces of one type and 5 pieces of another type? Or replace 12v with 24v. 

I used a wire for smokers with a length of 80 cm, see the photo and video."