Electric Heating Industry Continues To Be Updated

- Mar 21, 2020-

The performance of the electric heater industry in the global machinery industry recently, the Huaqiangbei Electric Appliance Market Composite Index was at 84.16 points, down 0.58 points, or 0.28%. The index still showed a downward wave trend. From the perspective of the branch plates, the four major sections of the electric heating element, electric heater, far-infrared heater, heating tube and electric furnace basically kept the same pace, and all showed a slight downward trend. .

According to the market survey data report, the latest market research and analysis report indicates that the global mechanical and electrical heater shipments are expected to reach 98.25 million units next year, an increase of 65% year-on-year. With the steady increase of mechanical and electrical heating equipment, the price-performance ratio of electric heater products will continue to increase, and the requirements for products and design of electric heaters will also increase significantly. These factors will be the demand for electric heaters next year. The key reason for the growth trend. In addition, in the next three years, the maximum shipment of thermal oil furnaces will reach about 1 billion units.

According to the predictions of relevant experts, the total profit of electric heater manufacturers in 2011 increased by 8% over the previous year, and the rate of return was 3 times the total industrial value. In the top 20 rankings, 9 came from the United States, 4 from Japan, 3 from Europe, the rest were from Taiwan's electric heater manufacturers, and the other 2 were from South Korea. Among them, Taiwan's two manufacturers of mechanical electric heaters have moved to the top spot for 20 consecutive years.

Investment advice of relevant experts: It is recommended to focus on environmental protection, energy saving, high-quality mechanical electric heater production industries, such as air electric heaters, explosion-proof electric heaters, auxiliary electric heaters, far-infrared heaters, thermal oil heaters, Electric heating oil-conducting oil furnaces, oil-conducting oil furnaces, etc. can take the route of environmental protection and energy saving, and can also improve the product quality and technology from the perspective of consideration for users, and increase the user's experience of the product.