Czech Republic Customer Ordered 500pcs Flange Heating Element Finished Production

- May 14, 2020-

The 500pcs flange heating element is the order that the Czech Republic customer ordered after placing a trial order of 6pcs. The first time the customer find us for inquiry, they are very serious for all the details and strict requirement, because they said they have purchased from other suppliers that the flange is smaller than what is required for European standards. This flange we made for the customer is customized, and after testing our samples, they are satisfied, so the bulk order 500pcs is placed very soon once they tested our samples. 

The flange heating element is using stainless steel 304 material flange and SUS304 material tubular, which is for industrial and commercial water heating with high wattage and wire cap. Thank you very much for your support and the second-order shows your good feedback to us. We will do al the same good quality and service all the time to our customers. This is also the mission we have been doing。