Chilean Customer's 2000pcs Electric Solid Hot Plate 180mm 2000W Has Been Ready To Ship Out

- Aug 27, 2020-

Today, we completed the production for the 2000pcs electric solid hotplate 180mm 230V 2000W. We packed these hot plates in 84cartons, the gross weight of the hot plate is about 3120KGS, and Volume is about 11.5CBM. 


A built-in protector (thermostat) is essential to protect the 180mm electric hotplate and its vicinity from excessive temperatures. The protector will not be activated when good quality cookware conducts the heat radiated by the hotplate. If the heat is not adequately dissipated, the protector will reduce some of the wattage. This protection against overheating is a real benefit, particularly on flat hobs that are mounted in wood or plastic. Jaye industry is striving to make the best Electric solid hotplate in China for the customers from all over the world.