Ceramic Heater Use Characteristics

- Sep 20, 2019-

Ceramic heaters have the advantages of high heating efficiency, long service life, and exquisite workmanship. Bolt ceramic heaters are divided into AC 220V and DC 110V ceramic heaters. When using the produced bolt ceramic heater, please use the matching DC ceramic heater control cabinet, adjust the voltage to 110V, connect each connection line, close the single circuit breaker, and use it when the power is on.

If the supporting control cabinet is not produced, it must be distinguished that it is a 220V ceramic heater control cabinet which is composed of contactor buttons, etc., and can be directly plugged in and used. When using a DC ceramic heater control cabinet composed of thyristor, please adjust the voltage to 110V, and then connect the heater to use. In the process of using the product, if the connection plug does not match, remove the original plug connected to the ceramic heater end, and replace it with the special plug to be used.

Ceramic heaters use heat-resistant insulation materials to absorb moisture easily, and should be placed in a dry and ventilated place. If moisture is inhaled during transportation and storage, they must be dried before use to ensure that the insulation resistance is not low and 0.5 megohms before they can be used. Before use, check the diameter of the heated bolt and the size of the hole to determine the size of the heater, as well as the length and diameter.

The heater has a large power and strong thermal energy. In order to ensure the safety of the staff and extend the life of the heater, the heater should be inserted into the bolt hole before it can be powered on. The power must be cut off when it is pulled out. The ceramic heater is a special device that uses the principle of thermal expansion and contraction to achieve bolt removal. Therefore, when using the heater, the body temperature should be lower than 80 ° C. High machine temperature will seriously affect the removal of bolts.