Canton Fair Is On The Cloud Again To Help Foreign Trade Companies Seize Business Opportunities

- Oct 16, 2020-

Canton Fair is on the "cloud" again to help foreign trade companies seize business opportunities

 On October 15th, the 128th Canton Fair opened in the "cloud", opening a 10-day trade journey for Chinese and foreign companies. It is understood that the 128th Canton Fair upgraded and optimized the "cloud platform", and continued to set up 50 exhibition areas based on 16 categories of commodities, with a total of about 60,000 booths, and nearly 26,000 exhibitors at home and abroad.

   The Canton Fair is an important platform for China's opening up and international trade cooperation. For this year's Canton Fair, according to the Canton Fair spokesperson and deputy director of China Foreign Trade Center Xu Bing, according to surveys, buyers are willing to participate in the fair. It is expected that buyers from more than 210 countries and regions will still register for the exhibition and negotiate purchases online. .

   After the first online experience of the last Canton Fair, many foreign trade companies are confident to participate in this Canton Fair. Some exhibitors said that compared with the previous session, the interactive function of this session of the Canton Fair has been greatly improved. It can be more convenient to communicate with interested buyers in real time, make appointments and negotiate, and quickly establish a relationship with the other party when checking the intended order. contact.

   A foreign trade company from the eastern coastal provinces exhibited 25 products. "The number of products we exhibited at the Canton Fair this year is the same as in previous years, and there is not much change." A person from the company said in an interview with a reporter from the Securities Daily. However, when talking about sales targets, the person said frankly that "there is not too much expectation."

   Participating in the Canton Fair on the “cloud”, live broadcast is a must-do for exhibitors. At 14:40 on October 15, a reporter from "Securities Daily" logged on the official website of the Canton Fair and noticed that there were 4,430 live broadcasts in the exhibitor's live broadcast hall. In addition, many companies are still in the "reservation live broadcast" stage.

   The reporter randomly entered the live broadcast room of an exhibitor who was broadcasting, and the anchor was introducing the company's products in fluent English. During the live broadcast, someone enters the live broadcast room from time to time and likes the host. In the time period the reporter watched, the number of likes increased from less than 20,000 to nearly 50,000.

  Under the new situation, the Canton Fair will change from time to time, based on the international cycle, and force the domestic cycle. One of the major changes is the appearance of the label "Domestic Sale" on the exhibits. This function can not only improve the degree of recognition, but also display the guidebook of online products that can be sold domestically, which greatly improves the matching and docking speed between the supplier and the buyer.

"Domestic sales and foreign trade are walking on two legs. It is not only a short-term realistic choice of micro-subjects, but also an important change in adapting to the mid-to-long-term formation of a new development pattern with domestic and international cycles as the main body and mutual promotion of domestic and international double cycles." Finance International Economic Research Vice President Wu Chaoming said in an interview with a reporter from Securities Daily.

   Wu Chaoming believes that, first of all, the overseas epidemic situation is still severe, external demand is weak and there is greater uncertainty, forcing companies to turn to domestic sales in order to seek self-help and survive. Secondly, under the positioning of the new domestic and international dual-cycle development pattern, the expansion of domestic demand policy dividends is expected to accelerate the release, and promote the expansion and quality improvement of my country's consumer market. Domestic companies actively adapt to the above-mentioned changing trends and accelerate the transformation of the export-to-domestic business model, which is also expected to usher in A new round of historical development opportunities. At present, the domestic consumption potential is huge, and the domestic sales and foreign trade of enterprises are "two legs", the market development space they face will be greatly expanded, and the future profit improvement is more expected.

   It is worth noting that the latest data shows that in the third quarter, my country's total import and export value, total export value and total import value all hit quarterly historical highs. In the first three quarters, the total value of my country's import and export of goods trade increased by 0.7% year-on-year, and the cumulative growth rate of my country's foreign trade import and export this year ushered in the first positive change.

   This undoubtedly releases a strong signal that China’s foreign trade has not changed in the long-term development trend, and the resilience and potential shown will also inject confidence into the world economy.

Wu Chaoming said that the increase in export growth is mainly due to the high growth of exports to ASEAN and the United States and the substantial repair of exports to emerging economies; epidemic prevention materials and "home economy" commodities continue to support exports; private enterprises are under the influence of favorable domestic policies The proportion of exports continued to increase.

"my country's exports are expected to continue to maintain high growth in the fourth quarter, but major trading partners are facing the impact of the second wave of the epidemic, and export demand increases uncertainty, and the growth rate is expected to slow." Wu Chaoming said that overall, the global economy is expected to continue. The recovery trend has provided certain support to exports.

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