Application Of Silicone Rubber Heater In Severe Cold Area

- Sep 05, 2019-

When operating the silicone rubber heater, it is a soft heater composed of nickel-chromium alloy wire and insulating material. It is designed with high power density, fast heat generation, high thermal efficiency and long service life. In addition to this name, it also has other names, such as silicone rubber heating belt, silicone rubber heating plate, silicone rubber heating belt, silicone rubber heating plate and so on.

When using a silicone rubber heater, in addition to the general constant power band heat tracing, in some cases it can also be used in places where heating is required. Its waterproof performance is good. It can be used for heating, heat tracing and thermal insulation of industrial equipment or laboratories in humid, non-explosive gas places. It can be directly wound on the surface of the heated part, and the installation is simple. It is suitable for severe cold regions. The main functions of silicone rubber electric heating belts for pipes and solar energy are the functions of hot water pipe insulation, thawing, and ice and snow.