Analysis Of The Industrial Layout Of The Kitchen Appliance Industry

- Mar 21, 2020-

Judging from the growth rate of household appliances in various types of kitchens in China, the overall scale of traditional kitchen appliances such as range hoods, gas stoves and disinfection cabinets in China's kitchen appliance market has maintained a steady and slow growth trend. The following is an analysis of the industrial layout of the kitchen appliance industry.

At present, the main increase in the entire kitchen appliance industry is still in the new house market, and the proportion of existing houses is still small. According to statistics from Boss Electric, the company's offline channel accounts for about 80% of new house customers, showing that new houses have become the main driving force for smoke stove products.

Compared to traditional kitchen appliances, China's dishwashers and built-in kitchen appliances have maintained rapid growth. Among them, the scale of built-in kitchen appliances has maintained a year-on-year growth rate of over 30%. Improved, as a new category of kitchen appliances, dishwashers have developed rapidly in China.

With the transformation of consumption patterns and the optimization of logistics experience, offline business categories are relatively single, channels are difficult to sink, and the obvious impact of e-commerce has caused the sales channel of China's kitchen appliance market to gradually shift from offline to online. From the perspective of the distribution structure of China's kitchen appliance market, e-commerce has developed rapidly in recent years.

The domestic kitchen appliance market is relatively discrete. With the strengthening of channel integration, in the past, the online and offline competition situation is shifting to integration. The most important thrust comes from e-commerce leaders such as Ali and Jingdong. The overall integration of the industrial chain requires kitchen appliances companies. Stronger financial strength and more comprehensive cooperation and benefit sharing with the channels are beneficial to leading manufacturers as a whole.

One of the most obvious characteristics of China's kitchen appliance industry's transition to the integrated era is the explosive growth of integrated stoves. As an emerging category of kitchen appliances, integrated stoves are kitchen appliances that integrate multiple functions such as range hoods, gas stoves, disinfection cabinets, and storage cabinets. They are also called environmentally friendly stoves or integrated environmentally friendly stoves in the industry.

According to the analysis of the kitchen appliance industry, China's integrated stove industry is currently in the nascent stage of industry development. In 2018, China's integrated stove sales reached 1.748 million units, with sales reaching 12.92 billion yuan, and retail sales increased 44% year-on-year. A 10 billion yuan breakdown category.

With the increase of the income level of Chinese residents, the advancement of urbanization, the upgrading of consumer consumption concepts, the still-saturated market and the continuous influx of new categories to promote the continuous growth of the industry, China's kitchen appliance manufacturing industry will become high-end, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, intelligent The development of kitchen appliances will continue to increase, and the market prospects are broad.