Agenda Of The 127th Canton Fair

- Apr 27, 2020-

Phase I (June 15-24, 2020)

Chemical Exhibition Area

Hardware exhibition area

Outdoor vehicle

Home Appliances Zone

Consumer Electronics Show

Electronic and Electrical Exhibition Area

Computer and Communication Products Exhibition Area

Lighting exhibition area

Building and Decoration Materials Exhibition Area

Sanitary facilities exhibition area

Import Zone

New Energy Exhibition Area

Tool Zone

Second period (June 15-24, 2020)

Kitchenware Exhibition Area

Daily ceramic exhibition area

Craft ceramic exhibition area

Home Decoration Zone

Glass Crafts Zone

Furniture Zone

Weaving and rattan iron handicrafts exhibition area

Garden Products Exhibition Area

Stone (outdoor)

Household daily use exhibition area

Personal care products

Bathroom supplies exhibition area

Watch and glasses exhibition area

Gift and Premium Zone

Toy Zone

Pet supplies exhibition area

Festival Supplies Exhibition Area

Phase Three (June 15-24, 2020)

Luggage exhibition area

Men's and women's exhibition area

Children's Wear

Underwear exhibition area

Sports and leisure wear exhibition area

Fur exhibition area

Clothing accessories and accessories exhibition area

Home Textiles Exhibition Area

Textile Raw Materials Exhibition Area

Carpet and tapestry exhibition area

Food Zone

Native Products Exhibition Area

Medical and health products and medical devices

Sports Tourism and Leisure Products Exhibition Area

Office Stationery Exhibition Area

Footwear exhibition area

Import Zone