Advanced Payment From Brazilian Customers For 2300pcs Mug Pressing Heaters Has Been Received

- Apr 01, 2021-

2021-04-01, the first day of April, got the advanced payment made by one of our Brazil customer for 2300pcs Mug pressing heater, the total amount of this order is USD35800,  This is the second order we got from the custom this year.

 High Voltage test-1

The below is the E-mail received for the advanced payment.

"Today we carried out the payment of 50% of your items.

See attached the PI and PL.

You can start the manufacture and after inspection we will make the payment of the remaining 50% to proceed with the shipment."

Thank you for your trust and support all the times. If you want to know more about our mug pressing heater, you can click: Mug Pressing Heaters.