8000pcs Ceramic MgO Tube For South Africa Have Been Ready For Dispatch

- Aug 03, 2020-

On 2020-08-03, Jaye industry has made the 8000pcs Ceramic MgO Tube For One of our South Africa Ready for dispatching. Jaye Industry specialized in manufacturing high purity Mgo tube. Magnesium oxide (MgO) content more than 97.5%.

Our company support customization and produces various magnesium oxide tubes( round tube type, square tube type, flat tube type, porous and rib type). We can make the main specifications about single-hole, double-hole, three-hole, four-hole and various shaped magnesium tubes.


The detail information of the Ceramic MgO tubes order are as below:

MGO TUBE 5.0MM*150MM 4 HOLES 3000pcs

MGO TUBE 6.5MM*150MM 4 HOLES 3000pcs

MGO TUBE 8.5MM*150MM 4 HOLES 2000pcs.

Mr Mark said they are very satisified with our MgO tube on both the price and the quality. Jaye industry is the most trust worthy partner on heating elements and materials supplying.