500pcs Silicone Stick On Heater 400*290MM 230V 1000W For UAE Has Been Ready

- Aug 11, 2020-

On 2020-08-11, We have made the production and packing for the 500pcs silicone stick on heater 400*290mm 230V 1000W with 500MM silicone wire for our UAE customer. We are going to send out the heater to the warehouse of the forwarder by tomorrow. This silicone heater use the etched foil as the heating element, built with the 140 degree thermostat, and with the adhesive at the back.

The Packing information of the silicone stick on heater is as below:

DescriptionHSQuantity(pcs)Package (Carton)G.W(kg)N.G(kg)Dimension (cm)Vol.(m3)
SILICONE STICK ON HEATER 400*29MM 230V 1000W WITH SILICONE WIRE851680005005CTNS18016047*39*350.32


Compared with wire-wound silicone heating elements, the silicone rubber etching foil heating element offer greater heat coverage and up to twice the wattage density of wire wound. The foil thickness range depending on your required heater resistance. Etched designs are suitable for applications that watt densities greater than 5 watts/in2.

Mr Ali said:“ The silicone stick one heater make by Jaye industry is the best I met in China. We are so happy that we work with you. thank you for your kind support and help". Yes, we are already focus on our customer's needs on heating elements, and almost 99% customers keep the long term and friendly cooperation with us.