4000PCS Aluminum Foil Heaters Order Confirmed By Netherlands Customer

- Mar 30, 2021-

Today, we received the order confirmation from our Netherlands customers, they need the Aluminum foil heaters from us,  we just communicate with them for one week from the enquiry to send us the PO. The below is the E-mail from him.


"Ni hao Icey,

Please find next my wishes.

1) size: 150 x 140 mm. and 260 x 140 mm.

2) tube 4.5 mm 12 volt. required tempature 24 °C. Please advice?

3) lenght wire: 120 mm. Stripped 10 mm.

Please send your proforma Invocie for 2000 PC's.

Thanks and best regards,"

Thank you for your trust!