40000PCS Mechanical Oven Timers And 10000pcs Thermostats Order From Argentina Customer Has Been Ready For Delivery

- Aug 05, 2020-

On 2020-08-05, We made the 40000pcs Mechanical oven timers and 10000pcs Thermostats order Ready for one of our customer from Argentina.  For the mechanical oven timers, there are three type, one is the square types with 120 minutes, this quantity is 5000pcs, and there are two round type, one is long shaft and another is short shaft type. for the long shaft type timer, the quantity is 20000pcs, and the short type is 15000pcs. For the thermostat, they are the E type capillary type. For this order we packed in 428 catons by 9 Pallets. and the gross weight is 4445KGS, the Volum is 9.88CBM.


Jaye make the best mechanical oven timer and thermostats, which are most important and indispensable equipment that can be found in kitchens appliance around the world. Such as the toast oven, air fryer, oil fryer, Microwave oven, electric pressure cooker, Electric steamer or Sterilizer, This is the second order in this year for the timer and thermostat, and the fourth order also has been placed, which will be deliveried within a month in Septemper.