3500PCS Order Of Hot Plate 1500W And 2000W Confirmed By Indonesian Customer

- Apr 02, 2021-

On 2021-04-02, we received the order confirmation from our Indonesian customers for our electric hot plate 1500W and 2000W.


The below is the order confirmation mail:

“Have a nice day. OK, thanks for the update.

Yes, that is the hotplate I need and the price is acceptable,

We need the hot plate 145mm 1500W 2000PCS, and 180mm 2000W 1500PCS.

please send your PI to us to make the payment.

We request 30%T/T and balance before shipment”

Because this is one of our old customer who has been working with us, but before they bought from us the oven heating element, and this time they need the hot plates from us. so we got the deal very quick after we quoted the price. Thank you for your trust and support!