300pcs Cartridge Heaters Order From South Africa Has Put Into Production

- Apr 06, 2021-

Today, we received the Advanced payment of 300pcs cartridge heaters order from South Africa customer. The below is the order confirmation on 30th of March we got:

Cartridge Heater

"We have decided to go with these as test order before we commit to ordering the new type of cartridge heater as we may have to change our machine sealing jaw design to accommodate that element (big job).


Please send me your PI together with a bank confirmation letter if your beneficiary bank name is different from that of the invoice so that we can submit them to our bank – (this would help me immensely as I would have to send you request for that (should we have a problem when we make payment to you).  

Would you be able to give me an ETD also please.


Trust that all goes well and to good future business dealings with you at JAYE."


Because this is a new customer, so they placed 300pcs first to test our quality, and we believe we will have more and more cooperation in the near future! 

Now we have arranged the production for the 300pcs cartridge heater and is estimated to be ready in 10 days.