2020 Sixteenth Guangzhou International Electric Heating Technology And Equipment Exhibition Schedule And Product Range

- Jul 20, 2020-

Exhibition date

August 16-18, 2020

Exhibition location

China Import and Export Fair Complex

Exhibition area

Estimated exhibition area of 10,000 square meters

Number of exhibitors

More than 300 exhibiting companies

Number of viewers

It is expected to receive 20,000 professional visitors from more than 30 countries and regions around the world

Electric heating elements: civil electric heating tubes, single-ended tubes, double-ended tubes, electric heating films, electric heating plates, electric heating belts, electric heating plates, electric heating coils, electric heating rods, PTC electric heating elements, thick film heating elements, mica electric heating elements, far infrared electric heating Components, silicone rubber heating elements, ceramic electric heating elements, induction electric heating elements, microwave heating elements, warped fin radiators, electric heating cables, hot runner heaters, thermistors, thermocouples, electric heating cores;

Electric heating materials and supporting: electric heating wires and electric heating alloys, electrical grade magnesium oxide powder, thick film heating materials, ceramic parts, terminal pins, flanges, electric heating castings, sealing glue, rubber plugs, epoxy resin, magnesium rods, copper tubes, Stainless steel pipe, copper-plated iron pipe, aluminum pipe, welded pipe, high temperature wire, heating wire and cable, metal belt, far-infrared electric heating material, light wave electric heating material, mica heating material, microwave heating material, induction electric heating material, ceramic heating material, silicon Various materials such as rubber heating materials, PTC heating materials, thermostats, testing instruments and peripheral supporting products;

Electric heating manufacturing equipment: pipe shrinking machine, pipe bending machine, wire winding machine, powder filling machine, automatic pipe welding machine, pipe cutting machine, stretching machine, pipe welding unit, pipe cutting machine, terminal pressing machine, spot welding machine, oil Press shaping equipment, mesh belt furnace, welding machine, end lathe, short-circuit annealing machine, marking machine, inkjet printer, electric oven, electrothermal mechanical equipment, etc.;

Household and commercial electric heating appliances, industrial electric heating equipment: electric machinery, explosion-proof electric heaters, electric heating systems, hot runner systems, electric boilers, electric heating oil furnaces, electric furnaces, ovens, resistance furnaces, induction furnaces, vacuum furnaces, electronics Various household and commercial electric heating appliances such as beam furnaces, electric furnaces, tin furnaces and other industrial electric heating and heat treatment equipment;

Induction electric heating equipment: electromagnetic heater, electromagnetic heating coil, electromagnetic heating controller, electromagnetic heating control board, electromagnetic induction heating power supply, electromagnetic heating coil, electromagnetic heating energy-saving equipment, ultra high frequency, high frequency machine, super audio frequency, intermediate frequency machine , Electronic tube high frequency, thyristor intermediate frequency, melting furnace, quenching machine tool, resistance furnace, mesh belt furnace, pit furnace, box furnace, trolley furnace complete set of equipment, supporting equipment and accessories, closed cooling tower, chiller;