2020 International Electric Heating Technology And New Thermal Energy Equipment And Green Energy Exhibition

- Sep 17, 2020-

2020 international electric heating technology and new thermal energy equipment and Green Energy Exhibition

Large scale development and utilization of renewable energy and vigorously encouraging renewable energy to enter the energy market have become an important part of the energy strategy of all countries in the world.

The exhibition will vigorously publicize the latest national policies on green energy in the form of "exhibition combined forum, project combined products", focus on the display of green energy technology and equipment, effectively promote the concept of green energy utilization, and vigorously promote energy conservation and environmental protection.

It provides an important window for exchanges and cooperation in the field of green energy utilization in China.

We sincerely welcome the industry colleagues to participate in the exhibition and visit.

The 13th five year plan will promote the comprehensive development of green energy.

With the rapid development of China's economy, the constraints of energy resources are increasingly prominent.

In this case, vigorously developing renewable energy is the inevitable choice to alleviate the energy bottleneck and promote China's economic development