2020 Beijing International Petrochemical Electric Heating Technology And Equipment Exhibition

- Feb 27, 2020-

2020 Beijing International Petrochemical Electric Heating Technology and Equipment Exhibition will be held in Beijing on 1st-3rd April 2020. 

The exhibition scope are mainly for petrochemical electric heating equipment and solutions:

◆ Various petrochemical electric heaters: explosion-proof electric heater, storage tank explosion-proof electric heater, flange explosion-proof electric heater, duct-type electric heater, barrel heater, natural gas heater, belt heater, ceramic heating Heater, air electric heater auxiliary electric heater, far-infrared heater, heat-conducting oil electric heater, electric heating and heat-conducting oil furnace, kettle type explosion-proof closed-type resistance far-infrared heater, kettle-type cartridge-type resistance far-infrared heater, Coil-type sealed resistance far-infrared heater, mobile open heater, chemical pipeline resistance far-infrared heater, electromagnetic heater, temperature control heater, liquid electric heater, cast aluminum heater, cast copper heater, Cast iron heater, control cabinet dehumidification heater, gas heater;

◆ Electric heating control system and temperature control temperature measurement system in petrochemical industry;

◆ Other industrial electric heating equipment: electric heating machinery, electric heat tracing system, hot runner system, electric heating boiler, electric heating oil furnace, electrode oven, electric furnace, oven, resistance furnace, induction furnace, vacuum furnace, electron beam furnace, electric kiln , Tin furnace and other industrial electric heating and heat treatment equipment;

◆ Electric heating elements: single head stainless steel electric heating pipe, double head stainless steel electric heating pipe, far infrared electric heating pipe, heat sink stainless steel electric heating pipe, seamless steel stainless steel electric heating pipe, thick film heating element, electric film, PTC electric heating element, Heating elements, heating strips, heating plates, heating coils, heating rods, thermistors, thermocouples, electric heating cores, mica heating elements, ceramic heating elements, and other civilian heating elements and heating units; heating plates and fins for heat dissipation Heaters, heating coils, heating cables and other industrial electric heating elements and heating units;

◆ Electric heating materials and accessories: electric heating wire, magnesium oxide powder, thick film heating material, ceramic parts, terminal pins, flanges, electric heating castings, sealing rubber plugs, epoxy resin, magnesium rods, copper pipes, stainless steel pipes, plating Copper iron pipe, aluminum pipe, welded pipe, high temperature wire, metal strip, far infrared electric heating material, electric heating element material, temperature controller, testing instrument and other materials and supporting products;

◆ Electric heating manufacturing equipment: pipe shrinking machine, pipe bending machine, wire winding machine, powder filling machine, automatic pipe welding machine, pipe cutting machine, drawing machine, pipe welding unit, pipe opening machine, terminal pressing machine, spot welding machine , Hydraulic equipment, mesh belt furnace, fusion welding machine, end lathe, short-circuit annealing machine, marking machine, inkjet printer, electro-mechanical equipment, etc.