2019 China Household Appliance Technology Conference

- Nov 28, 2019-

After 40 years of development, China's home appliance industry has entered a new stage of development. At present, China's home appliance manufacturing industry is in an important period of industrial upgrading and structural transformation, facing a historical opportunity period of leaping from a big country of home appliance manufacturing to a strong country of home appliance manufacturing, and the pace of enterprise technology innovation is accelerating.

In response, Jiang Feng, President of China household electrical appliances association, said in his speech that China's household electrical appliances industry can no longer simply repeat and imitate, but should have new breakthroughs, aim at the world's cutting-edge technology, and achieve a major breakthrough in forward-looking technology research and original technology. In the field of smart home appliances, we should take the lead in the global home appliance industry. "We must innovate in an open environment, and we must not do it behind closed doors," she added. We should deepen international exchanges and cooperation, actively utilize international innovation resources, promote independent innovation at a higher starting point, and comprehensively enhance the status of China's home appliances in the global home appliances. "

In the past, with the rapid development of China's home appliances, the technology of China's home appliances has gone through three stages: introduction, independent R & D and going to the world. The product innovation of China's home appliances is endless. Whether it's technology, quality, function and appearance value, they are all rapidly improving to meet the increasing needs of the people. Fu Yongjun, President of CMCC & welling, said that the home appliance industry is one of the most competitive industries in China and even in the world. The home appliance technology conference is a grand gathering of industry technology exchanges and a conference to promote the progress of home appliance technology in China and even in the world. Many experts gathered together to exchange the latest achievements of technology research and discuss the future direction of technology development, with a high starting point, wide vision and perspective Sex has always been the feature of China household appliances technology conference.

In the 17 keynote speeches of the general assembly, there are both cutting-edge technology and practical technology sharing, and each speech is full of goods. According to observation, the technical cases and R & D trends shared by the participants were highly recognized. The audience frequently held up their mobile phones to take photos, and the situation that the speakers were surrounded by the participants was not uncommon. The value of China home appliance technology conference as the world's largest home appliance technology to the platform was fully demonstrated.

It is reported that on October 24, this technology conference also set up five sub venues, namely, refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine, kitchen appliances and water heater, for the elites to fully demonstrate and exchange the cutting-edge technologies in their respective fields.