200pcs 3D Printer Cartridge Heaters 50W 120V 3MM*32MM From Thailand Customer Has Been Ready

- Aug 14, 2020-

On 2020-08-14, we made the order of the 200pcs cartridge heater 50W 120V 3MM*32MM ready for one of our old customer from Thailand. This cartridge are used on the 3D printer. 

Mr Dam said: the cartridge heater made by Jaye is one of the best I met in China, I like your prie and quality!“ Thank you so much.

The reason why our cartridge heater are so popular is because we have our advantages:

1. We use advanced technology, the smallest product diameter can be 3-25MM.

2. The length of the product is not limited, it can be 20-2000MM.

3. The power is also quite high, which is 2-5 times that of the common heating tube, which can be designed on the surface area 20 watts/cm2.

4. Simple structure, easy to use, fast efficiency, simple installation and low price

5. The internal structure adopts 99% high-purity magnesium oxide rod, which will not aging in high temperature

6. The terminal adopts 1 ton gravity stamping, which is more durable and safe

7. Positive and negative tolerance of heating tube: ±0.05-0.1 mm, good tolerance makes the heating tube more durable.

Any requirement about the cartridge heater, please just contact Jaye industry: info@jaye-heater.com