2000pcs 180mm Diameter And 3000pcs 145MM Diameter Hot Plates For South Africa Customer Has Been Ready For Shipment

- Aug 13, 2020-

On 2020-08-13, Jaye finished the production and packing for the hot plates that we made for one of our South africa customer. For this order, Mr Bob placed the order of 2000pcs 180mm diameter 230V 1500W hot plates, and 3000pcs 145MM diameter with 230V 1000W. This type of cast iron hot plate is usually applied to household kitchen electric stove cookers. There are different sizes of hotplate. 145mm or 180mm is the most common diameter equipped with the cookers. For the 5000pcs hotplates, we packed them with 10 Pallets. and total weight is about 13500KGS, and 26CBM. We shipped them with one whole container.