20000 Pieces T Type Capillary Thermostats 50-300℃ For Argentina Customer Has Been Shipped Out

- Sep 04, 2020-

Today, we have arranged to ship out the 20000pcs T type capillary thermostats  50-300℃ for one of our argentina customer. These Capillary thermostats were packed with 200 cartons, the total gross weight is 2160KGS, and the Volume is about 6.72CBM.


This is the fourth order from this customer in 2020, since we contact from Jan of 2019, we sent the samples to testing, they are very satified with our quality and working performance, so they keep a very stable order from then on. For the capillary thermostat made in China, all are quality guarranteed, we never allow any, even one defective production get out of our factory.