2000 Pieces Cartridge Heater For South Africa Shipped Out

- Mar 10, 2020-

1200Pcs Cartridge heater Ø10mm x 210mm 230V 400W INNER CONNECTION WIRE 250MM and 800pcs Cartridge heater Ø10mm x 280mm 230V 400W INNER CONNECTION WIRE 250MM has been ready and shipped out to South Africa by Air today. This customer is one of our old business partner and always trust our Cartridge heater quality and the competative price, and have been in cooperation for more than 8 years. After working with us, they found our cartridge heater can keep the quality consistent, and always offer the most competative price with the same quality level in the market. They said Cartridge Heater from Jaye Industry is one of the best they ever met.