180pcs Hotrunner Heaters Order Received From Saudi Customer

- Apr 02, 2021-

Today, we got the order of 180pcs hotrunner heaters from one of our Saudi customers. Because this is one of our old customer who has been cooperating with us for more than 6 years, so after we updated the price to them, they placed the order immedialty, Thank you for your trust and support all the times.

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The below is the Order E-mail we got:

"Hi Heleya, we place order of the hot runners as below:

2x4mm 1-L350 mm220v-200w   with sensor type j

2x4mm 2-1-L450 mm220v-300w   with sensor type j  

2x4mm 3-1-L550 mm220v-400w   with sensor type j

2x4mm 4-L650 mm220v-450w   with sensor type j

2x4mm 5-L750 mm220v-500w   with sensor type j

2x4mm 6-L850 mm220v-600w   with sensor type j

3x3mm 1-L1000 mm220v-800w   with sensor type j

3x3mm 1-L1200 mm220v-900w   with sensor type j

3x3mm 1-L1700 mm220v-1150w   with sensor type j

quantity 20 pcs each size lead wire 1M metal braided shield