18 Questions On The Hot Topics Of Online Exhibition In The 127th Canton Fair

- Jun 06, 2020-

11 days before the opening of the 127th Canton Fair! At present, all exhibiting companies have completed uploading corporate information and exhibit information. In order to achieve good exhibition results, various trading delegations and related institutions intensively conducted a large number of pre-exhibition training in May. The commercial bureaus around the world will participate in the Canton Fair Online as an important measure to stabilize the basic foreign trade plate and promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and fully promote the preparation work in order to achieve good results in the exhibition.

Aiming at the hot issues that are generally concerned by exhibitors during the preparatory work, combined with the actual operation of the cloud exhibition hall management system, the seventh edition of the Guidelines for Organizing Exhibits on the Internet for the current Canton Fair was compiled.

1. Can the enterprise copy the exhibit information in batches?

Enterprises can copy the exhibits on the exhibit list page. The system will regularly scan and quarantine the exhibits copied in malicious excess (more than 10), please use the copy function according to actual needs.

2. Can the enterprise and exhibit information in the cloud exhibition hall management system be filled in other languages?

In the cloud exhibition hall management system, enterprise and exhibit information can be filled in other languages, but other languages may not be displayed on the display page. It is recommended to use Chinese and English.

3. Is a sub-account an "exhibitor customer service"?

No, the sub accounts are divided into three types of sub accounts: ① business sub account, ② customer service sub account, ③ business and customer service.

4. When choosing the main exhibits, do you have to choose the same classification option as the assigned exhibition area? Will the main exhibits options affect buyers' inquiries about corporate information?

Exhibitors can only choose the main exhibits within the exhibition area within the allocated exhibition area. The main exhibits options will affect the buyer's query of enterprise information, and the main exhibits options will be used as one of the buyers' search criteria.

5. Can an enterprise upload multiple products and display them by category?

Enterprises can filter the exhibits in each exhibition area through the "exhibition area classification" in the exhibit list.

6. In the “Exhibits Management” page of the cloud exhibition hall management system, can the exhibits be inquired fuzzyly according to the exhibit code? Can the exhibits be sorted according to the exhibit code?

Support fuzzy query based on exhibit code. Temporary sorting by exhibit code is not supported.

7. Does the format for uploading VR booths have to be in the form of links?

Uploading VR booths only supports links starting with "https".

8. Is it necessary to fill in the original password to change the password of the cloud exhibition hall management system?

To modify the password of the cloud exhibition hall management platform, the original password must be filled in.

9. Can the avatar in the "Contact Us" of the cloud exhibition hall management system be modified?


10. Where will the avatar uploaded in the "personal information" of the cloud exhibition hall management system be displayed on the platform?

After logging into the cloud exhibition hall management system, the avatar in the personal information will be displayed in the information in the upper right corner of the page.

11. When modifying the email address in personal information, what should I do if I have not received the verification code for a long time?

At present, the verification code of the mailbox is sent to the domestic mailbox very quickly, and it takes a long time to send to the foreign mailbox. If the enterprise mailbox has not received the verification code for a long time, it may be because the enterprise administrator has set this type of mail to be blocked, allowing the enterprise mailbox administrator to modify the blocking range in the background.

12. Are there any video edition guidelines for the operation of the cloud exhibition hall management system?

The guidelines for the online exhibition held in the 127th Canton Fair • Part IV, including the video version of the guidelines for the operation of the cloud exhibition hall management system, can be viewed on the official website of the Canton Fair or on the WeChat public account of "Canton Fair WeChat".

13. Can exhibitors see the details of corporate visitors?


14. Can the company change the display template during the development period?


15. When the information uploaded by the exhibitor is displayed on the new platform, if the buyer chooses the Chinese version, will the English information filled in by the exhibitor be displayed?

Select the Chinese version to display only Chinese information. English version is required to display English information.

16. When a buyer inquires about exhibitor information, is it possible to query through the "exhibitor" dimension?


17. Does the 127th Canton Fair hold online exhibitors need to arrange customer service staff by themselves?

Exhibitors must arrange customer service personnel themselves.

18. Can the information in the preview status live broadcast be modified? What are the scope of modification?

In the live broadcast room in the preview state, you can modify the live broadcast title, live broadcast profile, poster, and related booths of the live broadcast room, and you cannot modify the start time and end time.