1500Pcs Cartridge Rod Heaters Order From Indonesian Customer Are Ready For Shipment

- Sep 14, 2020-

Today, we have fnished the production for the 1500pcs cartridge heaters that we made for one of our Indonesian customer.  The Below is the product list.

CARTRIDGE   HEATER Dia 12 X 125 mm 220V 350W 200PCS
CARTRIDGE   HEATER  Dia 12 X 150 mm 220V 500W100PCS
CARTRIDGE   HEATER Dia 14 X 42 mm  400V 150W200PCS
CARTRIDGE   HEATER Dia 14 X 150 mm 220V 700W500PCS
CARTRIDGE   HEATER Dia 15.9 X 90 mm 220V 300W 500PCS


The Advantages of Cartridge Heaters that made by Jaye industry is:

1. Using advanced technology, the smallest product diameter can be 3-25MM.

2 The internal structure adopts 99% high-purity magnesium oxide rod, which will not aging in high temperature

3 The terminal adopts 1 ton gravity stamping, which is more durable and safe

4 Positive and negative tolerance of heating tube: ±0.05-0.1 mm, good tolerance makes the heating tube more durable

This Customer has been working with us for more than 6 years, they contacted with us not very much before placing order, they just send to us the enquiry first and then place the order within two days. and this is already the 5th orders from this customer, thank for your trust and support.