144pcs Water Heater Elements Order For Pool From UAE Customers

- Apr 08, 2021-

On 2021-04-08, affter communicating about 20 days, we got the order confirmation of 144pcs water heater elements for pool from one of the UAE customers. Because this is a new project for them, so they want to place a trial order first, the below is the order confirmation mail.


"i need u to make trial PI 
1. 12kw with threaded socket    72 pcs 
2. 18 kw with threaded socket    72 pcs
all in incalloy 800. please special for this order only as test
Also U must give me free sample the new design 220V to connect as three phase
6kw i think wat we discussed need 4 pcs sample "

Except for the ordered water heater elements for pool we will also send to them one or two samples for another two small water heaters to test. Believe that we are starting a long term and friendly cooperation relationship from now on.