Why swaged-in cartridge heater is better than the crimped-on type?

- Apr 29, 2020-

The single-headed heating pipe is divided into external wiring(crimped-on) and internal wiring(swaged-in), which can be distinguished from the structure. Next, we analyze the main differences between insidious and external wiring.

1. Comparing the structure of the outer lead and the inner wiring, it can be seen that the outer wiring is the terminal outside the pipe body, and the inner wiring is inside.

2.High temperature lead material is not the same

External wiring: Because the high-temperature lead is welded in a foreign language lead rod, the temperature of the welding part will not be too high. The high-temperature lead of the external wiring can generally withstand 200 degrees.

Inner lead: Because the high temperature impression of the inner lead structure is directly welded from the inside with the resistance wire and inside the nozzle, the high temperature lead temperature of the structure must be at least about 800 degrees. Generally, pure nickel wire is used, and the cost will be more Higher.

3. Different production processes

External wiring: The internal resistance wire is soldered to the lead-out rod, and then connected to a high-temperature lead.

Inner lead: The high temperature lead is directly welded to the resistance wire and led out from the inside of the nozzle.

4. Production efficiency

The production efficiency of the inner lead is far less than that of the external wiring. The welding process of the inner lead and the resistance wire is more difficult, so the lead of the inner lead should not be too long.

5. Different creepage distances

From the perspective of creepage, inner leads are safer