What to do when the electric silicone rubber heating pad burns out

- Nov 30, 2020-

What to do when the electric silicone rubber heating pad burns out

The operating temperature range of electric silicone rubber heater is between low temperature -50°C and high temperature 250°C. Then the high power density electric heating film: 12W/cm2.
The general selection of silicone rubber heating pad is: flame-retardant material, the temperature resistance can reach 150, then the electric heating pad that needs 250 degrees needs to use imported materials, and the temperature resistance level is higher, which can reach 300 degrees instantly.


Howto distinguish this material?

Non-woven fabric heating pad, referred to as electric heating sheet, is a type of heating that is energized and can reach the ideal temperature in 3-5 minutes. The heating conductor adopts two types of silicone heating wire and carbon fiber electric heating wire. It is designed and packaged with cotton material, which meets conventional requirements Compared with the standard, the carbon fiber heating pads can emit 8-15UM infrared wave band when it is energized and heated, so it is also called the far-infrared heating pad. The carbon fiber is used as the heating conductor inside. The conductor color is black and shiny, and the resistance unit is <ω>. The temperature limit is 110℃, and the long-term service life below 90℃ is more than 15 years. The product has excellent tensile and bending properties, and can withstand tension ranging from 10KG-50KG. The product can be bent more than 100,000 times, and the product cost is low.

The silicon rubber electric heating pad is thin (standard thickness is 1.5mm), has good flexibility, can be in full close contact with the heated object, and the shape can be changed according to the requirements to design heating, so that heat can be transferred to any It is easy to use and operate where needed.
How to choose a product, first of all, we must distinguish the pros and cons of the product, and then choose a strong and professional heater manufacturer.

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