What’s the difference between embedded heating tubular heaters and Air drying tubular heaters?

- Oct 07, 2020-

What’s the difference between embedded heating tubular heaters and Air drying tubular heaters?
Electric tubular heaters are widely used in various sectors of the national economy. Long-term practice has proved that tubular electric heating elements have achieved good technical and economic effects in many equipment applications. Main characteristics and advantages: long life, high mechanical strength, high thermal efficiency, simple structure, safety, various shapes, easy to assemble and remove, etc.

The electric tubular heater is a metal tubular electric heating element with a simple structure. The spiral heating wire is located in the center of the tube. The heating wire and the metal tube shell are tightly filled with high-purity MgO powder which is insulating and thermally conductive. The tube mouth is sealed with a sealing material, and the tube end is led out by a conductive elicitor to lead the wire out.

Electric tubular heaters are mainly divided into two types: immersion heating electric tubular heaters and air dry heating electric tubular heaters. Let’s find out the reasons for the short service life of dry-burning electric tubular heaters.
Dry heating electric tubular heaters can generally be divided into embedded heating and bare air dry heating. So what is the difference between these two heating ways?

The core difference is the heat transfer efficiency:
1.For embedded heating electric heating tube, the heat of the surface is easily absorbed by the mold or module, since it is embedded in a hole. So the heat transfer efficiency is extremely high.

2.For bare air dry heating electric heating tube, Since the air has an obstructive effect on the heat transfer, so the heating efficiency of the electric heating tube is very poor in an environment where the bare air is heated by dry heating.

Difference of designing: 
Due to the difference of heat transfer efficiency, the surface load design of the electric heating tube is different: the embedded heating tube can be larger than dry-burning heating tube.

The lifespan of the heating tube under two working environments is different:
The life of the embedded heating tube is relatively longer than that of the heating tube exposed to air for dry heating, but this is not 100%. The specific life expectancy is also affected by the actual size and power.

Therefore, when you are looking for the electric heating tube, you’d better tell the sales about the using environment so that we can design the electric heating tube that is most suitable for your use with a long life.