What is the relationship between injection molding machine and hot runner mold?

- Mar 21, 2020-

To ensure that the hot runner mould can be operated automatically, robots or simple and controllable manipulators are preferred, such as:            

1. The product needs to place inserts, labels or flakes into the mold.            

2.  Remove the plastic parts or accelerate their ejection.            

3. Control the movement of plastic parts and reduce the starting time of accessories.            

4. Heat the mold before starting the injection molding machine.            

5. Reduce the time of mold, reduce the connection time of cooling water pipe, air circuit, electric circuit and hot runner temperature control box, etc.            


In fact, the hot runner mold and injection molding are inseparable. The injection molding machine should adapt to all the automatic circulation capabilities, as well as the hot runner system. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose the right injection molding machine. When the hot runner mold needs to be put into production after design and manufacture, how to choose the injection molding machine should be considered comprehensively in many aspects:            

1. The thickness of the hot runner mould is increased due to the increase of hot runner and more runner plates. When selecting the injection molding machine, pay attention to the installation height of the injection molding machine.            

2.  When measuring the injection volume of the injection molding machine, the compressibility of the plastic in the large volume flow channel should be considered.            

3.  For the depreciation of hot runner mold, the continuous operation of injection molding machine is advocated, and multi-stage startup is used to reduce the damage.