What is the cause of the electric heating tube burning resistance wire? How to solve it?

- Mar 25, 2020-

The reason why the resistance wire of the electric heating pipe is burnt out:

A. The power cord plug is short circuited with the electric socket;
B. Short circuit caused by burning of electric heating pipe;
C. A short circuit is caused by the falling off of the leading plate or lead wire of the electric heating pipe;
D. The diameter of resistance wire is too small and the capacity is insufficient;
E. Short circuit caused by dirt accumulation or carbonization of electric socket

A. Repair or replace the power plug or electric socket;
B. Replace the appropriate resistance wire electric heating tube. After research, under normal conditions, the resistance wire of ferrochrome aluminum can be used.
C. Re welding;
D. Remove dirt, repair or replace parts
E. Replace the heating pipe;