What do you need to pay attention to if the silicone heating tape is firmly bonded

- May 19, 2020-

The silicone heating belt is made of high temperature solid silicone rubber double two five vulcanization, which is formed by + CL-24W glue and aluminum alloy plate hot vulcanization molding and bonding in a flat vulcanization machine.


If you want to make the silicone heating tape adhere firmly, there are 4 points to note:
1. Sanding paper polished aluminum plate to be bonded surface oxide layer, alcohol cleaning surface oil stains;
2. Apply CL-24W silicone adhesive aluminum (alloy) glue, 15 minutes after drying at room temperature, dry for use;
3. Heat the mold in the flat vulcanizing machine above 170 ℃ to form the aluminum plate, aluminum alloy and silica gel integrally;
4. Vulcanization can be divided into secondary vulcanization molding, secondary vulcanization is not higher than 200 ℃