What are the common problems of cartridge heating tube?

- Dec 17, 2020-

What are the common problems of cartridge heating tube?

1. The special heating tube should be carefully read the relevant instructions of the manual before installation and application to prevent damage.

2. The hot part of the cartridge heating tube penetrates into the heating material, and the heating value of the heating tube must not slowly exceed the allowable heating temperature to avoid damage. In addition, a part of the lead wires should be exposed to the insulation layer of the electric heater or outside the electric heater to avoid overheating and harm.

3. After inputting the switching power supply, do not exceed 10% of the rated current shown on the various heating tubes. If the application is less than the rated current, the heat generated by a cartridge heating tube will also be reduced.

4. When wiring the terminal of the heating tube, please use two nuts to fasten it relative to each other to avoid the forcibly drawn screw from loosening and damaging the heating tube.

5. The terminals of the cartridge heating tube are clean, dry and irritable, which reduces the dielectric strength energy and penetrates due to short-circuit failure. When using natural environments with liquid or vapor such as chemical corrosion, flammability, and flammable explosion, a part of the heating pipe wiring is sealed with an insulating layer to protect it safely and prevent safety accidents.

6. When heating certain chemical substances (such as sodium nitrate, paraffin, etc.), the power supply voltage should be lowered during heating to reduce the heating value of the heating tube, and when all are melted into liquid, the heating current should be increased to the rated heating current.

7. When using a cartridge heating tube, attention should be paid to the heating material. The raw material of the heating tube and shell has no sedimentation.

8. The cartridge electric heating tube should be stored in a dry warehouse. If the surface is wet due to long-term placement, a megohmmeter should be used to accurately measure the ground resistance in the application. If it is less than 1 megohm/500 volts, the heating tube should be placed in a drying oven at 200 degrees for air drying.

9. The cartridge heating tube has a long application time, and when the surface layer has accumulated thick tube scale and oil, it must be removed at any time. Otherwise, the heat conduction characteristics of the heating tube will be reduced, and the heat consumption of the tube surface will exceed the rated value and damage.