Types And Characteristics of Silicone Rubber Heater

- Apr 06, 2020-

Type of Silicone Rubber Heater:

Round silicone rubber heater

Rectangular silicon rubber heating plate

Shaped rubber heating sheet

Oil drum and hot strip

blanket Silicone rubber heater

Explosion-proof silicone heater

Silicone rubber heating wire

Features of Silicone Rubber Heater:

1) the silicone rubber heater is film heater, with a softness that cannot be achieved by traditional metal heaters. The film-like material is formed after the silica gel is inserted into the center of two pieces of glass fiber cloth.

With softness, the heated object can be fully and closely contacted, such as curved surface, cylinder, etc

2) a flat silicone rubber heater with a standard thickness of 1.5mm has good heat transfer performance

3) the heating body of the silicon rubber heater is a uniform ni-cr resistance wire, so it can be used safely.

4) different from the general carbon component heater, the silicone rubber heater can be processed into various shapes such as circle and triangle freely according to the shape of the heated object.

Can be used in a variety of industries a variety of equipment.

5) with the characteristics of thin and soft, can achieve lightweight, miniaturization. It can't control the temperature, so it is necessary to adjust the temperature.