The shape of the electric heating tube and its position in the storage water heater

- May 04, 2020-

The electric water heater products in the North American market are basically vertical liners, usually using two screw head electric heaters tube. Layout one at a time. The electric heating tube can be purchased in the supermarket (such as Home Depot). The user can replace it after damage. The mainstream design of domestic electric water heaters is a horizontal structure. And due to the requirements of the processing technology of the liner. There is a craft hole with a diameter of 1 O0mm and 50mm in the middle of one end. This hole is used to enamel the inner wall of the liner to prevent corrosion of the liner. Therefore, the electric heating tube is designed with a corresponding size mounting flange, which is installed in this process 7L ~. Because water generates convection when heated (hot water flows upward). Therefore, only by placing the electric heating tube as far as possible at the bottom of the liner can the water in the entire liner be heated to the set temperature in a very short time. In order to achieve the above convection effect. Most electric water heater manufacturers use a "submersible" design. That is, the mounting flange is in the middle. The electric heating tube is bent down to the bottom of the liner. There are many shapes and types. There are many models, and professionals need to replace the electric heating tube. Repair parts inventory It is huge. Therefore, it is recommended that the manufacturer use a screw head type electric heating tube and install a small hole at the bottom of the inner tank for installation. During product design, the shape of the electric heating tube is simplified (all are linear) and standardized. The number of models has been reduced from dozens to less than ten. This design can greatly improve the thermal efficiency, and at the same time, the speed of tube fouling is also reduced. At the same time, it also has a great advantage in cost. The overall cost will be Down 2O-4O%.