The Role of Electric Heating in Industry and Agriculture

- May 19, 2020-

In the light industry, electric heating has become an indispensable new process technology in the heating and drying processes such as food, wood, paper, cotton wool, printing and dyeing. Whether in the old rubber vulcanization process (such as single-head electric heating tubes used in vulcanization equipment), or in the newly developed plastic industry, molding and injection are inseparable from electric heating (such as extruder heating tubes), especially in a more complex product or a process with more molds, even heating of all parts of the mold plays a key role (for example: mold electric heating tube).


In the petrochemical industry, electric heating is used in the drying of heat-insulating paints and coatings of heating pipes in crude oil pipelines and the extraction of chemical fertilizers, which reduces project investment and reduces operating costs.


In agriculture, with the development of modern technology and the gradual formation of agricultural specialization, electric heating has also been widely used in the fields of nursery, silkworm mulching and greening, hatchling of fish farms, and breeding of improved varieties.